Latest Haul: Pandora Mini Haul August 2017

Hello everyone! I recently asked you all on my Instagram feed if you wanted to see my latest mini haul that took place in August and I had a lot of you say YES so here it is. It’s really not that big, I’m really using this as an excuse to use the craft lights I finally got around to order in order to brighten up my filming, although I do have to say I still had to brighten it a bit in the post production aspect of this so I’m a bit disappointed. Maybe it’s a setting on the camera I’m using or maybe that’s just the way it is. Hopefully it still looks ok once I post it on YouTube, maybe someone can let me know? Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, stay tuned for my next post where I’m pretty sure I will be showcasing my haul from the Buy More Save More event, quick spoiler, don’t expect too many new things, I’m still working through my wish list!

Also, I have the latest on retired items, the Last Call trays are no more, some things already got sent back, and I hear tell there is some confusion about items that have been added to the retired list. For example, somethings have been put back into general circulation, however some things have been excluded from the new catalog, so it’s hard to say if those items are on the chopping block, or if it’s just a printing mistake. For now I will update the retired list with the items that are for sure getting discontinued. If you want a list of the suspected items that might be getting retired soon, let me know and I will try to post that as well.