FYI: Upcoming Pandora Buy More Save More Promotion

Hello my pretties! I’m sorry for the lack of posts once again, life is getting more and more in the way and it has been harder to post regularly like I used to, but please know that no matter what, I will not stop blogging. Even if I’m down to posting only once a week, I will still try to continuously post. But not let’s get to the juicy part of this post, the returning “Buy More Save More” event to the US!!

As you all know, this event was a huge success the first time around, and it looks like it has progressively come down from it’s pedestal since it’s debut last year. The price tiers are as follows:

-Spend $150 and save 20% ($120 purchase)

-Spend $300 and save 25% ($225 purchase)

-Spend $600 and save 35% ($390 purchase)

It seems like they keep increasing the spending amount for the third tier, first it was $325 the first time the promo was offered, then $350 the second time, now it’s $390. It’s just not worth it to me so once again I will be doing the second tier.

The promotion will be offered from September 14th through the 17th with pre-sales starting only for Pandora Preferred Card holders, and that pre-sale starts a day early on September the 13th. Will you be participating in this promo? Does anyone miss the free bracelet promotions of old? I will most likely be participating, how can I not LOL?


  • Lisa Greenberg

    I definitely understand. It would be time to get something you always wanted:)

  • I actually might be spending the $600 after all…I just got the updated retired stuff and of course there were a few pieces from my wish list, so there you go LOL.

  • Lisa Greenberg

    I totally agree. I already bought what I wanted, which was very little as it’s all pave. I bought the rose radiant hearts and a couple of the round charms(rose and silver) w pave circles. There’s nothing else I even want, to be honest. Why jump through hoops to save $75?

  • I’ll show it off on my video once I buy it, can’t wait!

  • Zhanna Koroleva

    Oh you’re gonna love it, such a pretty delicate piece!

  • Omg I can’t wait to get the crane!!! I’m
    so happy we are getting it. I’ve yet to go to the store, it will probably be part of my haul from this promo. Ellie from Mora pandora said Canada was having a promo as well if memory serves.

  • That’s very true! But what upsets me is that it used to be $550, now it’s $600 with 35% off instead of 40% like the first time the promo was offered.

  • Lisa Greenberg

    I feel like the lowest spend is hardly worth it. 35% off is at least a savings!

  • Zhanna Koroleva

    Not sure if we have this promo in Canada, but anyway I wouldn’t participate (I’m all jumping up and down waiting – and saving – for the Trollbeads Fall release). I resently bought Pandora’s Origami Crane which became my first Pandora purchase in a really, really long time. Love it! It’s $45 CAD here, so i wouldn’t fit into the promo anyway 😉