Latest Haul: Pandora “Buy More Save More” Promotion September 2017

Hello! Today I will be showcasing my much anticipated haul video from Pandora’s latest promotion, the “Buy More, Save More,” event. I know I had stated before that I would most likely not spend the third tier, but here I am taking my foot out of my mouth, since I did go ahead and spent the $600, and then some! I only did it because I found out that some things that have been on my wish list for years may be getting retired, and so not wanting to miss out (as per usual!) I went ahead and took the plunge!

In my video I discuss several things aside from showcasing the haul: one, several of the original discontinued items that were on the Last Call trays were removed from the catalog. Apparently this was a printing error, so they had to re-add them via a supplementary packet. Not only were they re-added in the supplementary packet, but now even more items were added to the packet making it confusing on whether these new items were discontinued. To add to the confusion, the once discontinued items were back in their original trays as Pandora got rid of their Last Call trays. I’m sorry if I’m not making any sense, it’s quite convoluted and hard to explain.

Second, I talk about how I heard rumors about the promotion being extended, as in there will be a break during the week and the promotion will be back next Friday September 22nd. However while I was writing this post, I received an email from an online retailer stating that the promotion is to to be extended to Monday the 18th of September, so I’m not really sure what is going on anymore!

Until I hear more, I leave you with my haul video. Once Pandora gets their act together I will post the updates to let you all know!

  • Zhanna Koroleva

    Thanks!! 🙂

  • THanks! Little by little I’m chipping away at my wish list! I do know, it’s called Not The Streets You Used to Walk Along by Philip Weigl, you can find it on

  • Zhanna Koroleva

    Ah the lion…. such a pretty piece! Congrats on another batch of Pandora 😀
    (P.S. Jahndra, what’s the music on the background? Do you know the name? I’m mesmerized ;))