About this site

Welcome to My Xpressions!  This site was made out of a desire to be creative, to express myself in my jewelry, to showcase my existing jewelry but also to review any new pieces that I acquire.  My focus for now is currently on X Jewellery, Trollbeads and Pandora.  I also enjoy Waxing Poetic and Lenny and Eva and other more traditional charm jewelry but for now I will limit myself to just those aforementioned brands.

I have always wanted to start a blog, but didn’t really know what to blog about or even where to start!  I finally decided to pull the trigger when I received a special Christmas present and was unfortunately not 100% satisfied with it, (click here to check out the post).  It’s then that I decided to make a blog to review jewelry.  I will be focusing more on charm jewelry because that is what my current craze is on, however I will not be limiting myself to just charms.

I may even review whatever beauty and makeup products that I may come by, we’ll see.  Having a website is a very new thing for me so just bear with me as I learn the ropes here.

I would also like to point out that any image with my watermark belongs to me and may not be used without giving the proper credit. Any other images that I use on my blog are gleaned from the internet, however I always give credit where credit is due. I don’t believe in watermarking images that don’t belong to me, as they are property of the photographer or company that hired said photographer’s services. Having said that, I always link back to the site where I obtained the images used on this blog.

I usually post every Monday and Thursday, sometimes I will miss a day depending on how busy I am with everyday life or if I get sick, which has happened before, but for the most part, those are the days I post. I usually alert my readers of new posts on Instagram and Twitter, you can also subscribe to my blog on the link down below to keep up with the latest updates.

Also I would like to state that this is a non-profit blog so you won’t see any ads on this website, I blog for love of the hobby not for money, however if I get product support or a sponsorship, I will clearly state that at the beginning of the post/video and will still give my honest opinion.

Below is a type of index on how I manage this blog:

Brand Feature – This is usually reserved for whenever I feature a new brand on this blog, presently I feature Trollbeads, X Jewellery, Pandora, Lenny and Eva and Waxing Poetic. I also like to collect Alex and Ani, however I don’t feature them here on the blog because my poor wallet can’t take on any more brands!

From the Box – Usually items featured under this topic are older items that I have had for years in my jewelry box, they are usually retired pieces but sometimes they are new.

FYI – For Your Information! This topic usually covers any news or any information I find important enough to share to my readers. It usually encompasses news on sales, promos, and sometimes new releases or even quirks about certain pieces of jewelry I feel a reader should know about or consider before buying.

Latest Haul – Whenever I go crazy shopping (which happens a lot!) you will find that haul under this category. If I buy more than three or four pieces of jewelry, I usually showcase it here and is usually a video followed by some photos if I have the time.

Latest Acquisition – Whenever I splurge on one or two pieces of jewelry, you will find that purchase under this category. Usually there is no video, just a few photographs to showcase what I bought.

Review – Whenever I review ANYTHING jewelry related it will be under this category.

Sneak Peek – Very rare and far in between do I ever find out about new pieces that are coming out before anyone else knows about it. When it does happen, it is featured here.

My Thoughts On – Usually my virtual online soapbox. Whenever there is anything that I feel strongly about whether it’s positive or negative, this is where it’s featured. It’s mostly me ranting sometimes, but hey who doesn’t need an outlet from time to time?

Unboxing Video – This category is usually reserved for whenever I purchase an item online, sight unseen. My hauls are usually from brick and mortar stores, but sometimes I will buy online and when it’s a large enough haul, I will feature it here. As the title says it’s usually a video, sometimes accompanied by photographs as well.

What I’m Wearing – Usually pertains to whatever piece or pieces of jewelry I’m currently wearing a lot lately. It can be a single item, but it’s usually a specific bracelet or a combination of charms I’m favoring at the time of posting.


So I hope you enjoy this site, and I hope it is able to help other charm collectors out there!