Your Thoughts On: What Brand Should The Giveaway Prize Be From?

Today’s post will be the first poll in what will probably be a series of  polls/posts so that I can gather more information on what the majority would like to see when it comes to the upcoming giveaway I have planned, so please be patient with me. I have already decided to open this contest/giveaway internationally since I did not have a lot of participation when it was only open to the USA. However (and I will be reiterating this SEVERAL times), I will not be responsible for the prize not arriving or getting lost in the mail or being held up in customs. So my next order of business is from what brand would you like to see the prize come from, (again I’m pretty sure I know the answer already) but I will still offer the options! Please vote below, voting will be open until the next poll goes up, whenever that will be.

Coming Soon