FYI: Unveiling My New Logo!!

Sorry for today’s late post, but I was in the middle of updating my blog with my new logo! This is part of what I alluded to a couple of days ago about new changes!! What do you all think of it? I actually still don’t love it, but I figure it’s better that what I had going, and I can always change it again later on, who says I can’t right 😉 !

This is my plan for a New Year, New Me! I hope to be able to focus more on my health, and as I’m making some personal changes, I wanted to make some changes here on the blog as well, not anything major obviously, but some changes are good! I also want to continue my tradition on holding my annual giveaway, I posted about it on my Facebook page but I didn’t get a whole lot of feedback. I think I will post a poll like I usually do and hopefully get more participation that way. You can comment down below as well if you like. The problem I’m having is what to give away. It’s always been a Pandora charm, that is what most likely the prize will be again, however I have NO IDEA what to buy so please bear with me as I try to gather information from my readers. I might be holding a lot of polls soon so be on the lookout for that! Some details I’m looking for:

  • Holding the contest/giveaway internationally (I worry about shipping costs and whether the item will arrive safely)
  • There doesn’t seem to be a lot of love for Trollbeads or X Jewellery, mostly you all want Pandora (is that still true and why?)
  • If it is Pandora, what type of charm should I give away? What’s popular nowadays? My taste is usually really different than everyone else.
  • Maybe I should give away a necklace or ring instead? What do we think of this idea?

Like I said, I’ll be posting a lot of polls soon, hopefully you all won’t mind too much!!