Unboxing Video: Trollbeads Mega Haul August 2017

Guess what everyone? Today’s post will finally feature a Trollbeads haul video!!! I know, I’ve been focusing a lot on Pandora lately, and I still might be doing so in the future since the Autumn/Winter collection is right around the corner,  but at least for now I will be able to play with some new additions to my Trollbeads collection. I’m also thinking of starting a sort of artist spotlight, I have come across some indie brands and I’m thinking of featuring them on my blog!

Also today is the day where the solar eclipse will take place, very exciting and kind of scary! I thought regular sunglasses would suffice, but upon doing research it’s not safe to do so, so please take the necessary precautions out there and be safe everyone!

In the video I explain why this is an unboxing video and how I came across this sale so please view it for more details. I also have to apologize for the fact that the video is a bit chaotic, I had the door to my room open and not only do I always have the airplanes overhead but the neighborhood was also getting repaved so you can hear all sorts of interesting noises as well LOL. I hope you are still able to enjoy the video though! Thanks for watching!



  • Thanks! The aventurine will be going on my teal bracelet for sure, not sure where I will put the emerald yet though. And yes I’ve seen it, there are a couple I do want, they will be going on my wish list for sure!.Hopefully I’ll be able to make my way down to my nearest tb shop! Fingers crossed!

  • Zhanna Koroleva

    Lovely! Love the green ones so much! Have you seen Autumn’17 collection? Can’t wait for September to snag at least a couple of new pieces.