My Thoughts On: What Is Your Favorite Type of Jewelry?

Hello all! Today’s post is relatively basic and simple, as I’ve been cleaning and re-organizing my jewelry lately, I started thinking of how my tastes have changed throughout my life, and how my favorite things to collect and wear used to be rings. Rings are still my favorite, although my focus sometimes does shift to bracelets, especially charm bracelets nowadays. So I started thinking, what is your favorite type of jewelry to wear? I know I can’t leave the house without wearing my wedding set, and another ring on my right hand. I can leave without a bracelet or a necklace, but if I’m not wearing a ring on my right hand I feel naked LOL. Please vote on the poll below, I’m really curious! And if you like, in the comments section explain why you feel the way you feel. Also, do you wear your jewelry because it has a special significance or meaning to you? Or are you a trendy girl and go with whatever is in season? Are you both? Let me know!


Image from Jewelry Dynasty and Loan

  • Haha! Your poor husband! Mine always knew my weakness LOL! I used to only wear things with meaning, now I go for anything I like. Although I do still have a lot of things with meaning, but I have noticed I wear them more rarely. I’m trying to rotate my stuff more now.

  • Zhanna Koroleva

    Oh, bracelets got to become my “everything” lol! Have no idea how it even happened. I didn’t wear any jewelry before (except for the wedding ring and occasional necklaces that must have a meaning to me as well), was never a fan. I kept jokingly saying to my husband how lucky he was to get a low maintenance me…Well, not anymore haha 😀 Pandora got me started, and now Trollbeads is destroying my any-occasion-budget. It has to have a meaning every time, I’m not particularly trendy. I guess that was the main reason i fell into those bracelets – ’cause they could mean something, be cute (I’m a sucker for cute little things) and I couldn’t just have them at home but wear them with me and on me.

  • I regret not buying a watch when they still had them. I have a Pandora expressions watch but it’s more casual, plus I don’t really wear watches anymore ever since cellphones came out LOL. But I would’ve still liked to own a real Pandora watch.

    I rarely wear earrings, its when the mood strikes then I’ll wear them. THey usually bother me, even studs bc I can feel them when I’m on the phone. But that won’t stop me from buying them haha!

  • Jackie R Oz

    I too have to wear my wedding & engagement rings every day. I use to wear varying rings on my right hand, but got out of that habit during my last pregnancy as my hands swelled up. Baby is now 13months & haven’t got back to wearing the rings yet. I also HAVE to wear a watch, feel lost without it. I have a Pandora Grand C so love switching out the bands & bezels for different looks. I am an audiologist by profession, so am often demonstrating to people how to put hearing aids on their ears. For that reason I stick to plain studs all the time, though I do have 3 piercings in each ear!