FYI: Pandora Retired Jewelry (Charms) 2018

Hello all! This post will be the beginning of the 2018 Pandora discontinued/retired list for the USA. Please save, pin, or bookmark this page as it will be continuously  be updated throughout the year. This page is solely dedicated to charms, I will have a separate post/page for all non-charm jewelry (i.e. necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.).

Also just to refresh your memory or if you are new here, a discontinued piece of jewelry is the first step towards being retired, it means that Pandora will no longer be producing or manufacturing that item. It is still available in stores or online, until stock runs out then it will be sold out and considered retired. A retired item, although still available means that Pandora has all of a sudden decided to immediately retire that item, and will ask concept stores to pull it from inventory and send it back to headquarters ASAP without a warning.

Below is a compilation of discontinued items as far as I know for the US. Also as I update this list, newly discontinued items will be added to the tail end of each gallery so you can tell what’s been added.


Sterling Silver Charms:


Sterling Silver Dangle Charms:

Sterling Silver with Cubic Zirconia:

Sterling Silver with Stones and/or Enamel:

Sterling Silver Dangle with Cubic Zirconia and/or Stones:

Sterling Silver Dangle with Enamel


Murano Glass/Solid Crystal charms:

Two Tone: