Latest Haul: My Pandora Black Friday Haul 2017

Hi all! I know I’ve been MIA lately, it’s been busy!! I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time so that was fun…and stressful but fun nonetheless LOL! I’ve barely had time to do anything else, much less post, but here I am, ready to at least post about shopping! I wasn’t about to miss the Pandora buy two get one free deal, and let me tell you I took advantage of it. I bought some of the things I said I would from my last Pro Haul along with some other goodies! I’m starting to notice that the amount of charms I have on my wish list is starting to become very low, so in the future I might be focusing more on necklaces and bangles, maybe some rings as well. I just have this impulse to keep buying everything that is on the older side before Pandora decides to discontinue!

Also another apology for not doing any actual blogging lately. I miss doing my reviews and such, I know my posts have been YouTube heavy lately, I think every post this month has been a video, I don’t think I’ve posted so many videos since July, but I’m still here and I still do plan on blogging like I used to, so please bear with me!

  • Aw thank you so much!!! Also I know I haven’t really been blogging lately, hopefully soon I will be able to resume that at least for a little bit LOL.

  • Tammy

    Hey you are never taking to yourself!!! I am always watching your posts, I just don’t take the time to comment often unless I have a question about something.

  • Thanks! I appreciate the comment, Sometimes I feel like I’m just talking to myself LOL.

  • Dawn

    Hi, really enjoyed your video. Spent a good hour admiring all your pandora posts. Thank you!