Pro Haul: Welcome the Newest Category to My Blog, the Pro Haul!

Hello everyone! For today’s post I will be introducing the newest addition to the structure of my blog, and that is the Pro Haul category! Let me explain: I couple of weeks ago I alluded to working on a project and that I was trying to work out some of the kinks, although I think I’m still working some out, I decided to upload this project as a dry run to see how it is received and what else I can troubleshoot. Perhaps in the future I can make these videos of better quality, but for now this will do!

First let me explain what a Pro Haul is, it is in my opinion, perhaps the first YouTube video of it’s kind when it comes to charm talk or jewelry talk in general. If you like to browse YouTube like I do, you might be familiar with Haul videos in the context of a clothing haul, a makeup haul, even technology oriented hauls, wherein someone shops at a retailer and comes home with a ton of stuff, that they then share on YouTube. Obviously I borrowed this idea and translated it to charm and bead haul videos. You might also be familiar with it’s antithesis, the Anti Haul. Anti Haul videos from what I can see, feature YouTubers talk about products that they decide not to buy and why. In trying to find more content to post about, I thought about making an Anti Haul video, but thought against it as I figured I would come off sounding negative. I don’t want to talk about the beads I don’t want to buy, I rather talk about the beads I DO want to buy, and therefore the idea of making a Pro Haul came to mind.

In preparing myself to do this I started to browse YouTube and didn’t come across anyone else making Pro Haul videos, except for one YouTuber, her name is VisionSupreme and she uploaded an Anti/Pro Haul video where she talks about makeup products. From what I could see, no on else has made a Pro Haul video, especially one addressing jewelry or charms. And sooooooo, I am pleased to report that I just might be the first person to make a Pro Haul video specifically talking about which jewelry pieces and charms are next on my wish list! IF I am wrong, please drop me a line or comment below and correct me, I wouldn’t want to take the credit away from anyone else, I like to give credit where credit is due!

And so without further ado, below is my first Pro Haul video, the format I used might not be the same one I use in the future, but like I said, for now I think it works, please be patient with me as I explain all of this in the first minutes of the video, sometimes I think not everyone reads my posts!

  • Thank you for your comment! Also thank you for letting me know that, I’ve been wondering if it looked good with the rose! I have four of the pink effervescent muranos, so might have to move two of those to make room for the shimmer stripe LOL! And don’t worry, I plan on doing one for Trollbeads as well, they don’t have an app, so I might have to use their website where my wish list lives.

  • Jackie R Oz

    Great idea. Thank you for sharing not only your wish list, but your passion & knowledge about the charms. I can’t tell you how much time I spend constructing & obsessing over my wish lists. Would love to see what purchases you have planned for other brands as well.
    I bought the shimmer stripe muranos & they look stunning with the Pandora Rose.