Latest Haul: Pandora Birthday Shopping Haul October 2017

Today’s post will be featuring what I got myself for my birthday because let’s be real, who here doesn’t get themselves a nice little birthday gift, am I right? If you are new here, I usually like to post my latest Pandora hauls on my YouTube channel, but it’s a tradition for me to post specifically what I get for my birthday when it’s either Pandora or Trollbeads related. I have to say because I spent a good chunk of change on the latest Trollbeads Wishful Sky bracelets, I didn’t have as much to spend on Pandora, so the haul isn’t huge but I still enjoy sharing with you all. I’ve also been toying with an idea for future YouTube content and will be featuring that soon, we’ll see how well received that is! Also I know I haven’t been featuring a lot reviews anymore, but hopefully I will be able to resume that soon enough, until then please enjoy!

  • I actually haven’t seen the catalog, but it seems like Pandora is slowly getting rid of muranos, apparently they don’t sell well, but I think it’s because Pandora glass isn’t that great. Look at Trollbeads glass! It’s amazing and they sell VERY well. And I agree with you, even the essence is starting to look like replicas of Moments, the whole point of Essence at least to me is to be a whole different line as in, it should be completely different from Moments.

    And as for the Valentines collection, man I have to say I am not impressed. I think the only thing I liked were the glass shaped hearts, those were nice, but I didn’t like anything else. But that’s typical for me, for Valentines, there’s only one or two pieces I like., Helps me save money LOL.

  • Lisa Greenberg

    This is a little off topic, but have you seen the holiday edition of the pandora catalog? They have 6 muranos listed, including the 2 new ones!! What is happening with pandora?! They’ve weaned the catalog down to practically only the radiant heart series!! Even the essence line is full of the little copies of that bead! There’s nothing left! There’s literally nothing left to buy!!!:(