Sneak Peak: X Jewellery Introducing the Link Chain Collection

Hi all, today’s post will be an exciting one as I was alerted by fellow bloggers about X Jewellery releasing a new product. Now I have minimal information, I just know it’s called the link chain and it’s meant to change the way we wear the links. Here is what it looks like:


Thank you to Ernesto Delgado for allowing me to use his photos with permission, and also for letting me glean some info from him; (Please do not reproduce without permission).

To me it kind of looks like a necklace extender, a way to give necklace chains an extra two or three inches in length, however it is designed to change the way you wear your links, for example if you only own three links and don’t care for the rubber links in order to “complete” your bracelet, you could opt to use the link chain to complete your look.

Or if you want to wear just one link, you can use the link chain to turn your link into a focal point. The possibilities are endless! I’m super excited about this because they will be coming in three lengths: 6cm, 7.4cm, and 40cm, which means if I get the 40cm, I can wear it with my X pendants!!! I’ve never really cared for the Asian cords and now I will have an all silver option!

Unfortunately I don’t have price information, as soon as I do I will update this post. I’m also unsure as to when these will be available, X Jewellery has hinted about giving us more information on October 30th (which also happens to be my birthday!) so I don’t know if they will be released on the same day or just give us more info on the new products.

Are you as exited as I am about this new product? I can’t wait to see more!