Latest Haul: Pandora Fall Sale Favorites October 2017

Hello! As expected here is my latest Pandora haul video, it might be rather boring as I bought quite a few beads, but I bought them in pairs, so not a lot to see. Also I was quite sick so you’ll hear me struggle to get through the video, apologies for that!

I also want to mention I used updated software and a new computer so let me know if you can see the difference in the quality of the video. It’s only an eight minute video, but it took a long time to render so I might need to tweak some settings.

I know quite a lot of my readers participated in this sale, share your treasures either on my Facebook page or even in the comments below! I love seeing what everyone else got too!



  • omg I know! THis was an amazing sale, however my store never got that busy, and I was shocked to see so many customers come in only for one charm, I was like you know it’s 40% off right? LOL. I forget when the WInter collection is officialy out, I know some stores already have the product, mine doesn’t except for the BF charm which I will be getting after all. I plan on getting some of the star themed charms as well. I can’t wait!

  • charmsnirvana

    Such a fabulous Pandora haul, Jahndra! I was considering the Ocean Mosaic and the Teal Droplets charms as well. I am sure that your completed Teal bracelet will be absolutely stunning! This was truly an amazing sale and I was stunned to see so many lovely items included. This was a perfect opportunity for me to pick up a few Christmas gifts, including the Elegant Beauty Pearl dangle and the “retired” Buddy dangle. Of course I picked up a few goodies for myself as well. Since I finally acquired the Locket charm, I picked up a couple of petites including the Pink Enamel Heart and the Tropical Fish. I was also surprised to see the recently released Love Makes a Family dangle which was available for only $30! Now, I just need to curtail my spending until the Pandora Winter Collection is released! There are quite a few celestial and snowflake charms which have caught my eye!😂❄️⭐️