FYI: X Jewellery Fall 2017 Preview

Hello there! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day weekend for all my US readers. Again I want to apologize for not posting lately, I’ve been ridiculously busy and stressed as we have finally unpacked all of our moving boxes from our move. And yes this is the move that happened last year around this same time, what can I say, I work slow and with the everyday chores and errands and working, it has been extremely hard to get my house in order. But enough about that, let’s get to the good part!

X Jewellery will be releasing their Fall 2017 collection on September 6, and from what I have seen it’s a very, very small release. Would you like to see the preview for yourself? Then please click on this link! The link will take you directly to Perlen’s website, where you can see the first four links for yourself! I have to say they are interesting!

I’ll let you take a peek at that then come back here LOL. What are we thinking of the Tree of Life link? I like it, but I don’t think it’s for me, I fear the tree will be a bit askew when one adds more links, although I do think that someone out there will make it look great, someone always does. I think my favorites so far are the Stars Aligned and the Shared Heart, I don’t much care for the Compass. I do like compass charms or compass themes, I just don’t love this design, what do you think?

Now,  you might be thinking, no colored links? That’s what I thought too, then I clicked here. We can always rely on X to make sure they include at least two colored links with each collection that is released. I’m in love with the Deep Petrol, not so much the Classy Caramel.

Apologies for not providing pictures myself, I did not feel comfortable taking Perlen’s images without permission, but at least now you know what the links will look like. Also a huge thanks to Martha from Marthnickbeads if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have known that Perlen had the images already up for pre-sale. Will you be pre-ordering any of these? Which link is your favorite?


  • Me too! I still have the G clef from the last collection still on my wish list, and the feather double link! It was fun chatting last night, that’s why I love our little group.

  • I like the Stars Aligned too but otherwise might buy some older ones if there is a sale again this year. That was fun chatting about the new ones last night!