Review: Unbreakable from X Jewellery

Hello all! For today’s post I will be reviewing the Unbreakable double link from X Jewellery! I have been focusing A LOT on Pandora lately and that is because I’ve been going crazy buying everything on my wish list, so today I figured I’ll put my focus back on X Jewellery at least for today, especially because Valentine’s Day is coming up soon.

I have to say I’m little embarrassed to admit, it’s been more than six months since my last X Jewellery review! I can’t even remember when I got this link, I’m sure it’s on a video somewhere, but without taking the bother of looking I’m going to say maybe Christmas of 2015? Who cares, the point is I’ve had it for awhile and I’m just now getting to review it!

First Impression:

Of course, this link having a heart on it made it an obvious choice for me, I liked the heart so much it didn’t even register to me that this also has an infinity motif as well, at least not until I placed it on my bracelet to start wearing. I don’t much care for the infinity symbol, to me it just looks like the figure eight, but I can appreciate the sentiment behind it.


This piece is a double link, with no twist at all, it lays flat and it measures 15/16 of an inch to be exact or 24 mm.

There’s not much to say about this link, with this one what you see is pretty much what you get. I know sometimes with other links the online pictures can make the links look completely different or sometimes there is a totally different back side to it that the online pictures do not show. Below are pictures of the link from behind and also a top view:

I like this link a lot because it has no twist and lays flat, no matter how my wrist turns, the link always looks the same. I can’t say the same thing for other links that have a twist like the Flow double link or the Heart and Star double link.

Here is the link compared to the Lover’s Bond:

As always I like to use the Lover’s Bond as a standard to all other links since I like the size of it so I use it to compare it to other double links in size. This way if you have the Lover’s Bond and like it as much as I do, it’s easier for you to compare sizes before you buy.

Unbreakable is on my two tone all metal bracelet:

In Conclusion:

Unbreakable is a double link that lays flat, it’s sterling silver and retails for $46, which isn’t too bad of a price tag. This link would make an excellent Valentine’s Day gift, as the heart and infinity symbol says it all. At first I wasn’t quite sure on why it was called Unbreakable, but after thinking about it I understand the name now, love can be an unbreakable force that can unite two people who feel unconditional love for one another, it’s very sweet, and I’m a sucker for those types of things!

Will you be dropping hints to your significant other about what you want this Valentine’s Day? Is Unbreakable on your wish list?