Latest Haul: Random Pandora Haul February 2017

Hello my pretties! Today I bring you another Pandora haul video because you know, addiction! LOL, this was an unexpected haul, but as I talk about in my video, for some reason I’ve gotten this hankering for trying to whittle down my wish list lately, and I think it’s because during our move I shopped so much, that I actually finished three or four whole bracelets. I realized that some of these bracelets have been incomplete for several years, (for all the shopping I do you’d think I would’ve finished them by now!) and frankly I’m fed up at looking at half finished bracelets.  I still have three or four more to go, plus I broke my cardinal rule and designed a couple more bracelets! It’ll never end I’m afraid, but in the meantime I will share my hauls with you all! I hope you enjoy!

  • Thanks! I love it too! I’m so happy to have finally finished it! Hopefully with the summer collection I won’t need to add anything to it! And yes they do! I don’t know why she thinks when I lay something down on the floor, she just immediatly assumes it’s her bed LOL.

  • Zhanna Koroleva

    Love your ocean bracelet!
    Your dog though.. 😂 I swear they have a gift of perfect photobombing! My cat is like that too 😄