Latest Acquisition: Pandora Essence Bangle, Prosperity and Peace Beads

Hi all! Today’s post will be a Latest Acquisition instead of a Latest Haul as I only purchased three items which to me doesn’t really qualify as a haul. Besides I feel like I’ve been YouTubing more than actual blogging so here’s my stuff:

Now that I finally pulled my jewelry out of storage it’s been tons of fun adding the items I have accumulated these last four months, I’m pretty sure I’ve completed three bracelets now! I still have to work on my ocean bracelet, that one is three charms away from being done, and after that the green two tone I’ve been working on as well! But getting back to this latest acquisition, I’ve been wanting the Peace and Prosperity beads since they first came out! I love that they are actual gemstones (although now I’m doubting if the Prosperity bead is man made or not, does anyone know for sure?) and not that I know anything because I don’t but what if they get retired or something? So I finally took the plunge and splurged! For those that are not aware, the Prosperity bead is made out of aventurine, while the Peace bead is made out of Lapis Lazuli. I don’t really buy my Essence beads based on the meaning, I buy them more for how the bead itself looks like.

I also finally gave in and bought the Essence bangle, I know that for my review I wasn’t too impressed but let me tell you all I’ve changed my tune! I love that the beads sit on top of the bracelet! I’m almost contemplating selling off my essence bracelets in order to buy all bangles!! I’ll be getting another bangle for sure! I love getting Pandora stuff in pairs!

I think I’ll be wearing the now retired Compassion along with both the Peace and Prosperity beads together, I like the color combo for some reason, might be because when Essence first came out there was a styling just like that and it stuck in my mind.

There has been a couple of you who have asked to see my entire Essence collection on YouTube, don’t despair, I plan on filming it very soon for your viewing pleasure. Also now that I have rediscovered my Essence I plan on buying a lot more from my wish list, I don’t know why but lately I’ve been wanting to just zero out my wish list! Must be the stress I’m feeling because even though the move to our new house has been officially over now for a couple of months, with the holidays and other things happening,  I haven’t had time to unpack and my house is so messy and full of boxes everywhere! Retail therapy to the rescue I always say LOL!


  • I was planning on filming my essence stuff today but unfortunately I don’t really have a professional lighting situation, i usually just use daylight but today the weather here in Northern California is grey and wet so I don’t have much light LOL, Not sure if I should still film or just wait until it’s bright and sunny out. At this point I just want to get rid of my wish list LOL there will always be something I can add to it trust me haha! I also saw the rue la la sale, there was a 70% off moonlight madness sale, however I received the same notification you did, and it started on the 16th just like you said, but the items I’m thinking about are still in my cart, how strange that your items were taken out! I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you if there is a Pandora outlet in Virginia, I know there is one in Delaware, and I came across a Jared jewelry outlet, which sold pandora so i guess technically it was also a pandora outlet. I’ve tired looking for pandora outlets online but they don’t pop up. Sorry I’m not much help there.

  • Goodnessgizmo

    Hello, I was one who asked for more essence cause I really love this line. I have been collecting the beads but have yet to get bracelets for them. I have one silver rope braclet from rue la la that I put some beads on just so I can wear some of them but want to wait until the braclet promo to hopefully get a couple. These three you have I do not, but they are beautiful! I get the same way about my wish list, I am always wanting to get it done! Sometimes I go through the list and make it smaller by deciding that I really don’t need all the charms and then I can always wait until they retire and go on rue la la. If we buy everything we want then what would we be able to get on the sales? I got an email from rue la la stating they were having another rue Pandora sale starting on the 16th at 8am I went to the sale on the 17th and got a couple charms and it said the sale was gonna last three days, well I went back later in the day and the sale is gone! Don’t understand what happened to the sale. I wanted to start collection some gold charms and they had some, I decided I would order one more but cant get back to the sale. Oh well guess I will wait until next time. I Guess I was lucky to get what I did. Do you know if there is a Pandora outlet store in Virginia? I think someone said that somewhere but want to make sure thanks