Latest Haul: What I Got For Christmas 2016 Pandora Edition

Hi all! I know I’ve been MIA lately, it’s been such a hectic month, I hardly know what day it is sometimes. Between work, still unpacking the new house, the extra shopping and cooking involved during this time of year, it feels like I haven’t stopped. I’ll try to be better next year and stick to my regular twice a week posts. I had a great Christmas holiday, I hope you all did too, and I hope Santa brought you all everything you asked for! In the past years I’ve had a big X Jewellery Christmas haul, this year it was all about Pandora, I’ll leave you with my latest video so you can see what I mean!


  • I think I’m forcing it to look like a star but I’m ok with that LOL. Yesterday I was finally able to update my bracelets and I came to the realization that I finished three bracelets, I can’t believe it!

    I agree with you on the Disney crown, I’m not a huge Disney fan with it comes to the charms, (although there are a couple I like) the Disney crown included. I like that it’s not made for a specific princess you know? I’m sure it would look amazing on a fantasy necklace, I’ll try to remember to work it out to see how it would look.

  • Tracy

    The ice crystal totally looks like a star 🙂 But I can also see the allure of wearing it on a necklace.

    I think that the Disney Princess Crown is one of the nicer crowns that I’ve seen. I really like the detailing on it. It also looks like it would work nicely on a fantasy necklace if you put the chain through the top and bottom.

  • YAY! That’s why I love making them! Thank you so much for your comment! xoxo

  • Goodnessgizmo

    Great! I love your videos, they make it easier to make decisions on what charms to buy, thanks for them!

  • Yes! I actually planned on doing one soon, I just now got the rest of my jewelry out of storage and will be able to make a video on Essence very soon! Stay tuned!

  • Goodnessgizmo

    Could you do a video on the Pandora essence collection