FYI: Pandora Brings Back the Small Floating Locket

In my post about discontinued charms for 2017 I mentioned that Pandora had not only recalled the small floating locket because it kept opening on its own, but that it wasn’t going to bring it back; well I was wrong, it is indeed back and it has been redesigned!

The small locket now has the same opening mechanism as it’s larger counterparts, as in one has to remove the chain in order for it to open where previously it opened with a small flick of a fingernail. It doesn’t open fully I have to say but the locket opens enough where one can slip a single petit charm in or out.

I unfortunately did not take any photographs of the original locket when it was still available, but here is a stock image, hopefully you can see the difference:

The original had a bail because the locket’s lid opened all the way up, here is the new version:

This is good news for all those people who missed out on the first pendant, although now I wonder if the first locket will become a rare and hard to find charm? I think I prefer the first locket over this second version as to me it looked a little more delicate in its construct.

Will you be adding this new locket to your wish list now that Christmas is in less than a week?


  • If i had bought this, I would’ve preferred the first version because I would’ve worn it as a necklace, so there would’ve been no issue with it opening. But it does look pretty cool on the bracelet.

  • Jackie R Oz

    Yes, the newer one is fixed at the bail, whereas the original is articulated so has movement when worn

  • I think i prefer the first version better what do you think?

  • Jackie R Oz

    Finally got the remade version. Availability was staggered in Sydney. Noticed they added a new hallmark to revised version

  • Nice! I’m sure it’s a rare item now. I think you can wear it as a pendant and it will be ok.

  • Jackie R Oz

    Great news. I did get the original and kept It, a bit scared to wear it though. Will definitely get the newer version also.