What I’m Wearing: My Pandora Christmas Bracelet 2016

For today’s post I decided to showcase my Pandora Christmas bracelet since it’s finally that time of year again! Last year was the first time I wore my Christmas bracelet and so this year I want to show you what I’ve added to it since then. Unfortunately it’s not a lot but it’s something! I tend to not add to it that much since my birthday is in October and I feel like asking for Christmas charms for my birthday is a waste of my wish list LOL, does anyone else know what I mean? Then buying Christmas charms any other time of year feels weird to me too.

I noticed I don’t buy Christmas charms unless I’m forced to, and what I mean by that is, if’ it’s on my wish list and I find out it’s going to be retired, that’s when I buy! I also buy every year’s LE Black Friday charm so there’s that too. I think this bracelet is only missing four more charms for it to be complete which surprises me a lot. If it gets full what I might do is transfer all of the LE’s to another bracelet and have two Christmas bracelets, that’s not too much is it?

So there have been some changes to this bracelet since last year, I’m missing the Angel of Hope and that is, I think because I must have transferred it to another bracelet, and that bracelet is still in storage so I was unable to put it back on this bracelet. I also must have put the Holly from this bracelet on my ongoing green and two tone floral bracelet because I can’t decide where to put that charm (and it’s also in storage so I couldn’t add it back in as well!)

Christmas bracelet 2015.

For this year’s bracelet I’ve added quite a few charms (again because they were being discontinued or were store exclusives), and those are the LE Black Friday charm from 2015, and the Holy Family.

Next I added the pinecone:

And lastly I added the Gingerbread Man charm as well as this year’s LE Black Friday for 2016:

I really do like him a lot! He’s so cute and that little smile makes me smile! I also love his cute little heart and I love the enamel on this as Pandora enamel at least for me can really take a beating. Also don’t you just love the Poinsettia? I know it’s pave but the red color is stunning as well as the way it’s constructed. I love the non-spherical charms, it’s nice for Pandora to think outside of the box sometimes.

And so here is my Christmas bracelet for 2016, wish I had the other charms I’m missing but I guess I’ll have to wait to add them, and hopefully next year this bracelet will be closer to being finished.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I love seeing other people’s Christmas creations, I’ve been told I should add some red muranos to this and I’ve been tempted, but I think I would run out of space for other more meaningful charms I have planned to add to this bracelet. Do you have a Christmas bracelet? Comment down below and post it or tag me on Instagram!


  • Thanks! Yes I want room for the mittens and candy cane dangles! Unless I use a larger size bracelet lol!

  • Ellie

    Such a pretty bracelet – I love the red with the little touches of gold! And I’m envious of your 2012 BF charm, it’s the only one I’m missing haha.
    I think red muranos would look cute with it (one in each outer section) but I can understand you wanting to save space for other less decorative beads. 😊