Latest Haul: X Jewellery Black Friday 2016

img_7853So a lot of my Instagram friends participated in this super sale, and of course I wasn’t going to be the exception! Too bad they didn’t apply this to the rest of the links because then I would’ve probably fulfilled my entire wish list! Also I usually post on Mondays and Thursdays so this is a day late, but I needed time to film and edit! It’s not an huge haul but I enjoyed it! Stay tuned for closer shots on my Instagram feed!






  • ah yes now I remember! The bird skull looked amazing on you!

  • Tracy

    It is a bit cartoony, but sometimes its fun to wear something a little goofy that makes you laugh 😀 I also got the bird skull pendant (which I think I did post on IG) and the Fat Cat link (which hasn’t been posted yet).

  • Thanks! It’s kind of cute right? It’s a bit cartoony but I don’t mind, I think it adds to the charm of it. Remind me again what you got besides the bird, did you post it on Instagram?

  • Tracy

    Great haul! I, too, was surprised by the Fat Bird link when it arrived! I had a similar thought about the head, body, wings, so I wasn’t expecting the eyes 😀 But I do like it.

    That is neat that you can wear the flower clouds in multiple ways.